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A selection of some of Integra’s work across various domains 

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Featured Case Study

Improving learning outcomes on Operating Room skills

One of our clients, a leading eye care provider took on a mission to accelerate time-to-readiness of trainee surgeons on surgical procedures through simulated small-incision cataract surgery (SICS), approached us to a technology-first training solution that provides a safe environment to practice and achieve learning efficacy at the shortest duration possible.

Featured Case Study

Natural Language Processing (NLP) based rapid content production solutions for a scholarly publisher

One of the world’s largest journal publishers identified the need to reorganize their article production workflows to meet demands on handling increasing volume of research submissions and to achieve a rapid publication speed from manuscript acceptance to publishing.

Project managing a high-profile title refresh

In a highly learner-centric learning environment, access to education content across multiple touch points is critical for an educational product for its widespread adoption and to be a commercial success for content producers.

Re-imagining and modernizing an in-person field training program

Quality and effectiveness of humanitarian aid programs is measured by its success in delivering the much-needed resource to their intended beneficiaries and purposes.

Corruption in humanitarian aid directly affects the most vulnerable in a crisis, depriving them from resources that could alleviate their suffering. 

Full digital content development for a leading learning services provider

A leading education technology and digital learning resources provider, had to quickly respond to a sudden change in the market and had to rush through refreshing multiple full semester courses across a range of disciplines.

Simplifying a complex and sensitive workplace policy training

A leading conglomerate’s brand reputation survey helped the business find that workplace harassment awareness among its employees has declined over time and wanted to strengthen its training methodologies to increase awareness and ensure all employees enjoy a safe and respectful workplace.

Custom eLearning course development for aged care practioners

A leading training provider for medical and paramedical personnel specializing in aged care needed to transform an instructor-led training interventions to enhance and practice their caregiving skills. And needed a methodology that could help increase learning effectiveness, at scale.

Build an immersive first-person learning module as a Virtual Reality application

This course was developed as a proof of concept to demonstrate virtual reality technology in education / training anyone that involve risks to health and life in real-time. This sample showcases recreating hazardous real-world scenarios where learners can have an immersive learning experience without any risk.

Build a high-stakes nursing training module in Mixed reality

Immersive technologies like augmented reality and mixed reality catapulted to prominence due to their advantage of being in the real world at a safe distance, performing a physical task while interacting digitally.

This proof of concept is a working showcase we developed to demonstrate these technologies’ capability in the healthcare domain where social distancing will not impact delivery of care to patients. And caring for a newborn is no exception.

360-degree video and Virtual Reality in action

Not many of us can travel and experience first hand a different country or even a national treasure. Develop an immersive experience for school children as an enabler to help them see in the first person, a place that may be at the other end of the world for them.

As the way we live is undergoing tectonic shifts, enabling technologies like 360° videos and Virtual Reality is helping people transcend boundary and become global citizens.

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